‘From Russia with love…’: Russian stereotypes galore in ‘Stranger Things’ season four trailer

The trailer for the upcoming fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ has dropped, and the new Russia setting seems to have inspired the filmmakers to go for all of the cliches they can think of.

As a Valentine’s Day gift to fans, Netflix released a look at the upcoming season of their popular science fiction series ‘Stranger Things’.

The teaser revealed both a Russia setting for the new season and confirmation that Hawkins Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is alive. His fate at the end of the third season of the show was questionable, with some believing he was actually gone.

Producers make it hard to miss the Russia setting as every exaggerated, negative stereotype is thrown at the screen in just 50 seconds — tall, fur hats, forced labor, freezing cold, menacing looking soldiers, cigarettes, doomsday music — and commenters on social media were quick to mock the show’s overuse of these cliches and their lack of Russian knowledge.

The ‘Stranger Things’ account that posted the trailer even gave the most trite caption, “From Russia with love…”

At the moment, Russians are back as common villains in film and television, likely due to negative mainstream media attention in the US and accusations from top Democrats accusing Donald Trump of using the help of the nation to steal the 2016 presidential election, despite no evidence of such a theory being found in the Mueller investigation.

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Dems and fans of Hillary Clinton — who claims she lost the election because of Russia and that the country is even “grooming” Democrat Tulsi Gabbard — seem to love the Russia-as-the-bad-guys vibes to ‘Stranger Things’.

As one Twitter user pointed out, “someone in the ‘Stranger Things’ writing room really f**king hates Russia.”

“Russia! It’s always Russia!” theater producer Tom D’Angora tweeted, a man who claims he’s Clinton’s “#1 supporter and proud of it!”

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