Two guards stabbed during Georgia prison riot. Purported footage of violent uprising spreads on social media (VIDEOS)

Two guards have been injured in a riot at Georgia's Ware State Prison, local media reported. Purported videos of the chaotic rebellion show inmates covered in blood, holding tasers, and even frog-marching handcuffed prison staff.

The situation is now under control and the facility, located near Waycross, has been put on lockdown, according to local media, citing a statement from the Georgia Department of Corrections. 

“Two staff members received minor, non-life-threatening injuries and there are no reported inmate injuries at this time,” the statement read. 

Local reports also shared a statement from the Waycross Police Department, which confirmed that the riot is under control. The force said there had been injuries but didn’t say how grave they are or what weapons were used.

Facebook Live footage, allegedly recorded by prisoners inside the facility, tells quite a violent story. 

Several extremely graphic videos show inmates covered in blood as they receive assistance from their fellow prisoners. 

Another Facebook Live clip reportedly made during the riot shows an inmate armed with a taser, which would have likely been taken from a guard. 

In another disturbing video, fires are seen in the prison courtyard as loud bangs are heard in the background. A handcuffed man, who appears to be a prison guard, is then seen being led by an inmate.

Tensions in the prison have apparently been mounting due to a coronavirus outbreak. Two inmates have died from the virus, while 22 prisoners and 32 employees have tested positive. 

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